Know Why TV Advertisements Give You An Edge Over Your Competitors

Most of us hate it when our favourite TV programmes take a ‘break’ in between, don’t we? Unless there comes an intriguing ad with a catchy tune which not only entertains us but makes us sing along with it. Remember Vodafone’s ZooZoo ads which were aired during IPL season 2. Amidst all the excitement of the cricket match, ZooZoo ads did not let us turn our heads to do some other work. Children wanted to befriend them, elders wanted to party with them - such is the aura of a powerful TVC.

TV Advertising Agency In Delhi NCR
TV Advertising Agency In Delhi NCR

To advertise your brand, the idea of digital campaigns, print media, etc. do provide your brand with an edge, but TVCs give you the medium to make the audience connect with your brand. Following the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”, we can say that a TVC is worth a thousand emotions. It allows the combination of visual and audio elements to captivate the audience, which no other medium allows. 

Here’s how TVC might be beneficial for your brand: 

TVC Comes With Trustworthiness:

In the nation, where families spend most of their time watching TV, what can be the best and trustworthy medium to advertise your brand? TVC gives ample space and time to show a product, demonstrate its use and to explain its advantages with an innovative concept and alluring audio-visuals. 

Even Though For a Few Seconds, The Audience Has Your Complete Attention:

Unlike print mediums like newspaper, magazines, etc, where your advertisement is placed alongside other competitors on the same page, TVC is definitely a preferred choice. Only your ad is aired on TV for a limited span of time, allowing the audience to immerse in your ad thoroughly where they are not seeing or thinking about the other competitor but just your brand. 

Can Easily Reach The Target Audience:

With a variety of shows being aired on different channels and on different time slots, it has become convenient for the advertisers to target their audience by buying ad spots during shows their intended demographic is likely to be watching. For instance, if your company manufactures toys then it is recommended that you air your Advertisement on a cartoon channel at the morning time slot to reach your target audience i.e. kids and kind-of-lure them to buy the products. The TV allows you to strategically target the audience without any hassle. 

It Allows Your Brand To Reach The Mass Audience:

A study shows that 60% of consumers are likely to buy products after watching an ad on TV and only 40% of customers are persuaded to make a purchase after viewing social media ads. Definitely, a TVC has a much wider reach and is more efficient when it comes to persuading viewers to become customers. With just a single ad spot, your brand’s communication will reach to the masses.  

If you are wondering that producing a TVC would cost you a lot of hard work and money, then you do not need to spend hours on thinking what it takes to make a powerful TVC, rather put your belief in the TV Advertising Agency and wait for the wonders to happen. A Top TV Ad Agency would create an innovative and spectacular TVC which has the ability to garner all the attention. We know how much difficult it is to look for the Best TV Advertising Agency, so don’t fret over it because we are here at your service (yes, you can imagine us doing Shahrukh’s signature step and saying that). We have created some of the best TVCs for famous brands like Linc, Indostar, etc. For more information or queries, write to us at