Is Print Advertising Effective in Today’s Digital Era?

“It’s the digital age!” – 4 words inadvertently exclaimed by many a common crowd. Ok, let us back up a moment; it sure is the digital age. We have high-tech computers, mobile phones that compute faster than the computers that helped launch the Apollo 11, smart televisions, artificial intelligence, and so on. 

But, one assumes that digital marketing provides for the backbone of your brand at cost-effective rates. Despite it being true to an extent, there is a two-fold (50/50) approach to marketing and advertisement when needing to truly hold your brand on a pedestal. And the other 50% is our dear, unforgotten, Print Advertisement. The old-school method is still prevalent in the modern world, where its audience reach is wider and greater. There is a large section of people who are yet to jump onto the digital train, and a Print Media Agency far helps serve the “traditionalists”. 

Think of something as simple as bread and butter, if you will. They get along splendidly, sworn by many people to be the tastiest combination. However regardless of the butter placement, bread and butter, is in fact, a staple mix - and that rings true for marketing as well. Your ad campaigns reach out better once blended with both the platforms – offline and online marketing. There is absolutely nothing wrong in taking a single-channel path, more so if your purpose lies in that specific spectrum. On the other hand, Print Advertising Services still play a major role in the frontline; they are not an adversary to cost – unless you think of the long run and not the shorter days of sunshine.
How about a further dive into this field of tangible marketing? Let us discuss the most important points - How and Why is Print Advertisement an integral vehicle of marketing.

Existence Of Physical Customer Allows Print Media To Help Your Business Thrive –

Look around you; at least a single corner of your lane holds a banner advertisement. Reach over to the highway and there are billboards at every corner of your peripheral vision. What does that tell you? Your presence, your friends, family – just about any person who lives and travels about, is paramount for a business to reach to. Granted, the audience utilizes digital services, but at the specific moment in the physical, real world – you have their attention. And that is served on a silver platter with Print Advertising Services. Moreover, as print media follows a target-specific approach, there is a mighty chance of boosting sales - if and when placed at the right location, and at the right time.

Print Media Holds An Established Platform –

There are plenty of magazines around the world; you have sources like the Vogue, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and more. In addition, there are major publications like Hindustan Times, Times of India, and more – all of who carry a prestige that digital platforms are yet to emulate. Today, magazines are still a go-to platform, where information is easily available and helps create an impact for being prestigious for brands to house their ads in. The approach should be to help entice consumers towards a brand; a Print Media Agency helps cater to aforementioned endeavor. In fact, by integrating both the spectrums with a multidimensional approach, your brand has a better chance of reaching the targeted audience.

Creates An Impact With Tangible, Written Words –

To further hold weight, compare two forms of marketing in both these disciplines. An e-mailer has a higher chance of being ignored. On the other hand, a tangible pamphlet or a brochure holds a greater chance in interaction – where a portion of the audience may skim through the pages. Also, through introducing eye-catchy designs, it is more than plausible for a Print Advertisement in holding your attention. How about amalgamating digital and offline techniques? To achieve an effective marketing pitch, it is worthwhile to advertise using print and digital media. The person who noticed your brochure/pamphlet can also find your brand on the internet, which effectively imprints in their minds – a result which can help the consumers avail your offer.

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While making a decision between Digital Advertising and Print Advertising, it is best to consider the aforementioned points and formulate a plan. If you need expert advice on which medium to choose, then feel free to contact us or write to