No, Print Advertising is Not Dying in The Digital Era!

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“Gone are those days when traditional advertising was at its peak. Today, the digital rules!”, you must have heard this from many people. With mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. taking over most of the people’s day, people tend to assume that digital campaigns are the saviour for their brand and business at cost-effective rates. But have you wondered what would happen if you take a two-fold approach with 50% digital campaigns and 50% print advertising?

For the people who are not digital media users, they won’t miss out on your ad campaigns! An integrated approach would cater to every person in your target audience.

Wherever There Is a Physical Customer Presence, Print Media Will Make Your Business Thrive. 

At every centre and corners of the world, there is an audience who is targeted with printing media despite the digital age. Plus, printing media is a target-specific approach and would boost sales and conversions if placed in the right location like in a store or event. For instance, a 10% off (on fashion accessories) bank advertisement would look apt at a shopping mall rather than a doctor’s clinic. 

Print Media Ad Platforms Have Already-Established Goodwill That Digital Platforms Don’t Have. 

Glossy magazines like Vogue, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, etc. and major publications like Hindustan Times, Times of India, etc. carry some prestige which digital platforms don’t carry. An advertisement in the aforementioned names would not only entice the consumers but would also carry a huge positive impact on sales. An integrated plan of digital ads and print media ads would give a multidimensional approach and increased brand reach. 

 It Complements And Further Strengthens Digital Interactions.

Sometimes your target audience is an avid magazine reader. If they would see an ad on the magazine and then on digital media - it would stay at the back of their minds that such a brand exists and is giving this offer - so they might avail it. 

For an effective marketing mix, you can contact a Print Advertising Agency for an efficient and cost-effective marketing plan wherein they provide you a suitable mix of campaigns as per your target audience. 

Written Word Carries Core Power And Assurance. 

Compare a leaflet or brochure with emails. A person might ignore an email - thinking it might be spam, whereas they would scroll for a minute if they are handed over the printed word - or they might read it completely if they find it interesting. 

For eye-catchy visuals and content, you may take the help of Print Media Advertising Agency for better effect and results. 

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