Making Your Hashtag Trend - Brand Bazooka

The hashtag was a phenomenon that started in 2007 by the American technology evangelist Christopher Reeves Messina, where a few keywords could be grouped together with the ‘#’ (hash) symbol to collect ideas that fell under a specific category together, thus making it easier for netizens to find information and opinions on a particular subject instead of having to surf the ocean that is social media.

The hashtag was adopted and popularised by Twitter. Over the years, it has gained such popularity as an online phenomenon that the Oxford dictionary officially included the word hashtag in the English language. Today, hashtags are used across social media platforms by corporations and individuals alike, and has become something akin to a lifestyle statement. When Social Media Agencies in Gurgaon and other cities noted this potential, they came up with the idea of using hashtags for promotion by creating interesting hashtags that can be featured on the social media accounts of their target audience and be used by them, thus connecting brand and consumer as well as increasing their share-of-voice.

In 2018, a few guidelines ought to be followed by social media and Advertising Agencies to stand out from the crowd and give their hashtag that necessary milestone of trending.

Choosing The Right Topic:-
The best idea for a trending hashtag is a trending topic. You may take an issue from the current affairs and give it your own twist (you can either connect it to your brand or make it interactive, so as to get people talking and using your hashtag). The words you select must be easy to remember, catchy to speak, self-explanatory and, most importantly, wide enough to keep the different thoughts and opinions of your entire target audience in mind. It is important to remember to check if your hashtag has already been used, and, if not, to clearly define it in your introductory Tweet or post so as to claim ownership.

Start Tweeting:- As soon as you have created the hashtag, provide a large number of tweets in quick succession to jumpstart the conversation. Post the tweet with teaser for your campign, with the introduction to the campaign and throughout it’s duration and even after. Be sure to involve the hashtag in every small element of communication going out from your side and to ask others constantly to retweet your hashtag multiple times. Maintain a good rapport with your current followers, making them your communication channel and tag even more people to start gaining more popularity.

Stay Focused:- In the humdrum universe of social media, do not lose sight of your specific target audience. By selecting groups, forums and other influencers that directly connect with your target group and repetitively messaging on them, you can ensure a high recall and shareability value for your hashtag.

Provide Updates:-
Keeping in tune with the basic idea of a trending topic, make sure your hashtag is constantly evolving with the times. Provide new updates and relevant information that cannot be found elsewhere around your hashtag. Talk about major events and activities, targeting people in a specific country or locality. Most importantly, remember to keep content interesting and to respond promptly.

A Personal Approach:-
Lastly, the popularity of hashtags can be credited to the fact that there is a personal touch to it. Even if the tweets are by a brand, social media carries the characteristic of connecting people one-on-one. Avoid letting your hashtags, posts and responses having a robotic language and content. Post light-hearted, casual content and bring true emotions into your tweets to make it seem more life-like.