PR vs Advertising For Small Brands

For every small company, money and time are of utmost importance and the decision to invest in either a PR firm or an advertising agency is a crucial and baffling one.

Small brands need to understand their requirement first, i.e. is it instant recognition or a slow but steady flow of information in trusted media source. Advertising agencies will get you the complete marketing solution and deliver instant brand recognition and build a brand identity that will benefit it in the long run and leave an impression the minds of your audience.

PR agencies however, cannot be deemed ineffective; however they are a tad slow in achieving that aim. They are however lacking in leaving a lasting impression and more often than not fail to grab attention because they do not employ any artistic medium. It is mostly facts convey through trustworthy and influential personalities.

Advertising Agencies
might be a little heavier on your pocket but they ensure a steady and concrete growth and recognition. If you are skeptical about getting one involved you can always start with the digital advertising agencies. This will save you time and cost a lot less than regular or a full service advertising agency.

PR agencies are factual and rely only on trusted mediums of communication. This is a more targeted approach and in time helps build a brand’s credibility. Advertising agencies employ a more diverse aspect of communication. It shall convey the message right and also manage to grab attention of masses. Therein also create far better conversion as compared to PR.

What we suggest is to study your position and desire for your brand recognition, this will help decide your next marketing move to survive the competition jungle and come up with a good plan to grow unhindered.