Do You Know Advantages of Social Media Marketing?

The human has always found a way to socialize, after all that is one of its basic needs. The internet saw its optimum usage after the advent of social media, which took over the world in almost a humongous leap. In the shortest span of time, social media governs all our daily activities. From eating food, to sleeping to travel, nothing remains personal anymore. What gave rise to such an era has not left work untouched. Work you do needs to be advertised and put out in the world for others to know and appreciate. If you haven’t started social media marketing yet, you might be left behind in the race to the top. Advertising agencies will suggest you to invest in social media marketing.

Social media marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing; it plays the most important role in connecting you to the masses, with a simple social activity. It ensures a transparency that is required for a business catering to consumers.

What is social media marketing?

It is a syndication of content, videos and images on various social networking sites. It is a planned method of achieving marketing, communication and branding goals. It can be used to channel your content and information to targeted audiences who might become your potential customers.

What is social media content?

The content for Social media should comprise of information that is imparted in an interesting manner. The information should be about the company and its activities and also can include the beliefs and goals that the company seeks to achieve. All in all it has to benefit the reader in some manner, either in creating entertaining reading or in imparting knowledge to make their lives easier or better. Such social posts do better in attracting viewers and traffic to your main page.

Why social media marketing?

Website traffic

Social media effectively draws audiences to your website creating required traffic.


Social media marketing plays an important role in converting your traffic to potential buyers and pushes your services to probable sale.

Brand awareness

Your brand becomes more visible through social media. It reaches a larger number of people than you could have possibly hoped to reach through normal means of advertising. It so happens because of the imminent transparency created between your audience and your activities, which in turn makes then trust and promote your brand, thus enlarging the circle of your brand reach.

Creating a brand identity and positive brand association

Social media single handedly can create your brand image, just because of its far fetching reach. You can literally target the whole world to know your brand; all it takes is the right kind of content and visuals. Your activity on social media reflects on the brand and can help your brand to make important connections.

Communication and interaction with key audiences:

Social media has created a seamless platform for the businesses to connect with their target audiences, it has made it possible to attend to complaints and deal with their customers and followers personally. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t just help communicate; it also increases sales and makes a bigger difference when it comes to advertising.

How to use social media platforms?

Not all social media platforms work the same way, each one has a specification and tone of content that generates leads.


Facebook advertisements need to be friendly and interactive. The visuals also follow the same criteria. Facebook also has an option of creating business page, which allows the user to promote their business better. The layouts are specific, and reach of the post is determined by the successful execution of those.

Google +

It follows the same casual and fun atmosphere of the post. What it does better than Facebook is that it allows the user to segment their audience into smaller groups. It allows direct chats on hangout with the audiences, hence creating a comfortable business- customer relationship.


Twitter follows a stricter promotion criterion. The word count of descriptors is limited and to-the-point. This platform allows you to gain more popularity by following influencers and people which in turn gains you followers of your own. It is an immediate promotional platform which has a far wider reach than either Facebook or Google+.

The other social media platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are more visual based platforms that gain you followers according to your visual content character. Basing your content flow and planning the spread of your content is what can gain you good amount of traffic and better sales.