What is Branding?

Creating a brand for your business establishes the first steps of marketing practice. It incepts a name, logo, symbol or design that separates your business from other brands, and is easily recognizable by the audience. The process of branding is important since it is your company’s identifier; it also establishes a quality of service that your customer will expect from you. The better the quality of your brand, the more trust-worthy your audience will feel about you. 
Brand Marketing Agency In Delhi NCR
Brand Marketing Agency In Delhi NCR

An Advertising Branding Agency shapes up your business by helping you establish the brand identity. It creates the logo, design, content using guidelines provided by your business, along with the values and goals. This promotes your market using the personality and character of your brand’s identity. The Creative Brand Marketing Agency facilitates the necessary steps to ensure your organization enters fully prepared with the design that will allow translating what your business is all about; there is no place to create confusion or a feeling of being vague. Your brand has to highlight the crux of what your business is all about, which helps it to be easily recognized for its products and services. In a way, branding is a way of storytelling that needs to captivate the attention of your audience. Create one with smart tactics, and you will go long in the industry.

When it comes to the digital platform, branding is still very much the same as its traditional counterpart. With the usage of internet growing rapidly, a Digital Branding Agency has wider scope to help establish your company’s brand presence. Social media, blogs, SEO website content, customer-engaging contests, you name it – there are so many ways to create brand awareness on the digital platform. Your intended target audience may in fact find you on Instagram as compared to a banner ad. Helping build a community with your audience is paramount, and an Advertising Branding Agency can help you create that in the traditional and digital platform.

Your enterprise will last, only if marketed and advertised right – but the products come with a lifecycle. Hence, it is incredibly paramount to find the Best Branding Agencies who believe in the philosophy of your business as you envision. They will know best how to create the logo and name of your enterprise. With Brand Bazooka, the agency takes this to the next level; with a team who breathe and speak ads and marketing, your company is in safe hands should you choose the agency to help you brand your enterprise. The agency comes with an experience of multiple brands, which they have helped establish really well in the market. For further details, contact sadhana@brandbazooka.com

Radio Advertisement – A Tale of Auditory Marketing

In the approaching times of advertising our brand, we fervently begin in a heap of search-pile for the best agencies, specializing in the field. Whether that’s for your brand’s digital presence or otherwise, we always are in favour of the credible ones. Let’s discuss a platform of advertising and marketing in Delhi – the Radio Advertising Agencies; you must have heard the radio while tuning in for your favourite playlist, or just to listen to the news…dare I say, even if it’s to have something background that mutes all the hustle-bustle of the outside world. 

Radio Advertising Agency In Delhi
During the Radio Jockey’s anchor and/or the beat of the music, there is an intermittent commercial break, as like your television, that is quipped every few minutes or so. Advertising the latest gadget, or even an insurance policy, the Radio Ads in Delhi are never few, but always plenty. Engaging your audience with quirky ads, now that’s a task; one that requires an expert from a Radio Advertising Agency, who truly understands the nature of pieces that fabricate the very essence of auditory marketing. 

Cracking the egg is quite simple; but what comes next is the skillful practice of making a delicious omelette, or even a sunny-side up; cook too long, you’d burn it; and less time taken and it’s a bubbly-fluid of whites with yellow bulb. Similarly, springing your brand to create awareness with your target audience, or even advertise your product, is a job majorly entailing craft, crisp language, and an idea that will hold someone’s attention. Imagine those roaring sounds of a V8 engine; it’s throaty, bursts with crackles and pops; it guarantees turning eyes with the obvious question to your lips “what car is that?!” Now that is the work of a Radio Advertising Agencies. 

An FM Advertising Agency in Delhi must cater to the audience of the state with an enticing subject plus a logical flow of requirements that pertain to advertisement; what goes in that advertisement is the work if the agency wherein its scripting, theme, and the whole flow of language is expertly penned by a team of excelling copywriters. These are fundamentals to procure as much as reception, or even acknowledgement, as possible. A brand wants to be heard; post hearing, there is a sense of anticipation to sell their products. With smart advertisement in conjugation with a tactical marketing pitch, this is very much possible. After all, it’s their time and hard-earned money that will result in being spent on your product – how do you convince someone through radio?

Enter Brand Bazooka from Delhi NCR; a Radio Advertising Agency who aim to ally in your marketing warfare. Housing a team of experts with a proven track record, wherein advertising and marketing is their staple diet, rest assured your brand’s Radio Ads in Delhi are well-taken care of. For further information, send us an email at - sadhana@brandbazooka.com

No, Print Advertising is Not Dying in The Digital Era!

“Gone are those days when Traditional Advertising was at its peak. Today, the digital rules!”, you must have heard this from many peopleWith mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. taking over most of the people’s day, people tend to assume that digital campaigns are the saviour for their brand and business at cost-effective rates. But have you wondered what would happen if you take a two-fold approach with 50% digital campaigns and 50% Print Advertising?

For the people who are not digital media users, they won’t miss out on your ad campaigns! An integrated approach would cater to every person in your target audience.

  • Wherever there is a physical customer presence, print media will make your business thrive. 
At every centre and corners of the world, there is an audience who is targeted with Printing Media despite the digital age. Plus, Printing Media is a target-specific approach and would boost sales and conversions if placed in the right location like in a store or event. For instance, a 10% off (on fashion accessories) bank advertisement would look apt at a shopping mall rather than a doctor’s clinic. 

  • Print media ad platforms have already-established goodwill that digital platforms don’t have. 
Glossy magazines like Vogue, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, etc. and major publications like Hindustan Times, Times of India, etc. carry some prestige which digital platforms don’t carry. An advertisement in the aforementioned names would not only entice the consumers but would also carry a huge positive impact on sales. An integrated plan of digital ads and Print Media Ads would give a multidimensional approach and increased brand reach. 

  • It complements and further strengthens digital interactions. 
Sometimes your target audience is an avid magazine reader. If they would see an ad on the magazine and then on digital media - it would stay at the back of their minds that such a brand exists and is giving this offer - so they might avail it. 

For an effective marketing mix, you can contact a Print Advertising Agency for an efficient and cost-effective marketing plan wherein they provide you a suitable mix of campaigns as per your target audience. 

  • Written word carries more power and assurance. 
 Compare a leaflet or brochure with emails. A person might ignore an email - thinking it might be spam, whereas they would scroll for a minute if they are handed over the printed word - or they might read it completely if they find it interesting. 

For eye-catchy visuals and content, you may take the help of Print Media Advertising Agency for better effect and results. 

To find the right agency is like finding a needle in a haystack, so don’t worry! We are there to help you - Brand Bazooka is the best Print Ad Design Agency in Delhi NCR. Its team of specialists takes care of the client’s print marketing completely whether it is brochures, magazines or newspapers - they take care of everything! 

Why Branding is Important For B2B Businesses?

Corporate branding has made big names, and bigger brands with biggest emotional connects with customers the world over. Company branding is one of the most important tools that establishes the stature of the brand at a much higher level that the product or service offered. It has now become a huge aspirational destination for all small and medium B2C companies because the way it elevates the company brand beyond the immediate products and utility to a place where people would like to connect themselves with the company. With an established corporate brand, with a set of consistent message and values, people are more likely to associate with it without being sensitive to the premium cost largely ignoring other competitors involved.

Somehow there has been a misconception that B2B businesses do not need branding or brand building. The intensive strategic exercise to streamline company vision, values and a philosophy, which should resonate with clients, other business customers, and larger general public, is seen as an insignificant investment that doesn’t affect and help day-to-day business.

Contrary to this opinion, research and business related studies have made a strong case for corporate branding as an essential part of the company legacy for B2B business and its distinct positioning amidst similar businesses providing similar products and services. There are examples abound that clearly show that B2B brands with a distinct company branding focused on a particular value, or idea have the ability to penetrate collective memory much deeper, way beyond their immediate businesses. The perception positioning at a higher level with the help of a streamlined and consistent branding strategy reap higher and more significant benefits in the longer run. Companies like IBM, Cisco, Intel, Dow, BASF, DuPont, Microsoft have achieved the status of being reliable, confident and innovative purely on the basis of widespread corporate branding though they have nothing to do with B2C ecosystem.

There has also been a view that in the B2B sector, success of deals, conversions and actual purchase orders happen mostly in the micro environment of representatives of both businesses meeting face-to-face and communicating the superiority of the product or services to be sold involved. However, it may be noted that though business purchase decisions are based on dispassionate purchase or procurement procedures based on functions, features, technological benefits and coherence of both systems involved, the human factor in such processes is as indispensable as emotions to a human response. When an established popular brand with an established popular image enters into negotiations, it rides on the emotional connect it has been able to nurture with people across and beyond industry and businesses who have nothing to do with its apparent business or services. It brings into play the aura of an established player which is strong, reliable and would ensure ease of business and risk reduction to the partner business. In many cases in B2B collaborations, one business enhances its own image with the collective image and reputation of the other business it partners with. Branding of one brand adds value to the associated brand as well.

B2B Branding also instils a sense of community, engagement and ownership within the workforce, sales team, customers and all other people who feel associated with the company. An evolved business vision binds separate teams and sets of people with one identity and image which brings coherence through all external communication to the world.

People, either individual customers or business houses, rely heavily on consistency and reputation of a business brand and, as many researches have shown, are willing to pay premium price for the products and services of an established company with a strong and evocative corporate brand identity. The accessibility of the language of communication and its intermingling with individual emotions evokes a response where people are able to relate to the brand and are willing to associate with, directly as businesses, or as end beneficiaries in the longer run.

The prime example of such an evolution is Intel. While completely into B2B collaborations, Intel has positioned itself as an aspirational brand where people value it to the extent that the other B2C businesses making computer systems seem to validate that trust by putting Intel logos and Branding on their own products.

Role of Design in Advertising - Brand Bazooka

Beautiful things are self promoting. Advertising is just incomplete without making a brand look appealing in the most simplest of sense. Advertising agencies all over the world strife to deliver just that, and well it takes more than beautiful words, it takes designs to make the world beautiful. 

Designing is the most important aspect of advertising ; to say the right things about a brand is not enough, it requires a brand to create a visual image to go with the brand reputation. The idea is to create a style that becomes synonymous with the brand. 

The Right Imagery:- A brand is recognized by the services it provides. For those not familiar with the brand, it requires an advertising agency to create a promotional strategy to deliver the information in the simplest of forms and herein comes design into play. The campaign holds traction, only when the words are relayed well in symmetry with visuals and appeals to the aesthetics of an onlooker and holds their attention. 

Graphic design not only compiles data in the most visually appealing format but also assigns a style to brand and helps build its image. Advertising agencies depend for their bread and butter on graphic designers to present the brand information in the most concise format.

All Things Beautiful:- Beautiful things evoke conversations, and that exactly is the aim of design in advertising. A good design will serve the purpose of grabbing attention and invite talk about it, it registers better in the minds of an onlooker and gets the Advertising Agency the desired results for the client. The brand needs to understand the basic of creative design and how it makes the brand look appealing to the target audience and achieve the desired recognition for the brand. A good advertising agency is one that marries great words with brilliant designs. Words alone are impactful only when presented aesthetically in advertising.

Design is the base that advertising cannot do without.

How To Boost Online Presence?

In the words of Coldplay- “When you try your best but you don’t succeed. When you get what you want, but not what you need.”

If that’s how you feel about advertising on digital and online mediums, here is how to boost Digital Advertising Agency.
    To begin with, have a SEO friendly website made for your business, which not only gives information about the company but also keeps an update of the regular activities that the company indulges in. having the company name as the domain name ensures easy search results. Online shopping sites do better in this category due to their 24x7 ability to provide services. 

    The website is just the base of things, to have relevant and interesting data about the services and information relating those, interest the people more and increase traffic on the site which converts to potential customers.

    Allocate some money into Digital Advertising and have your website promoted using sponsored advertising initially. This will bring your website to the top of the search list and also on related web pages of your choice. To make this choice it is essential to target those websites that bring in large number of audiences, those have the same interest in sites like yours. Even if it doesn’t bring you clicks, it will still benefit in bringing your website into notice. 

    Communication plays an important role in maintaining clients. Sending newsletters and e-mailers, ensures the client that you value them and encourages them to remain loyal and repeat purchases. Having a blog also serves the same purpose. It also maintains interest of the customers to visit your site often to read more interesting content that has a unique voice, tone and take on different subjects. A nice blend of humor and relevant content works best. 

    Having a social media presence has become necessary to grab immediate attention of those potencial customers. It not only brings the mass market under one roof but also renders them the ability to approach the companies for any queries and problems. This in turn earns the trust and builds clientele at a faster pace. 

    In the end it is the uniqueness of the product or service that earns you the brownie points (customers). If not, to have a unie and interesting take and tone about the services in form of a campaign helps build your Brand presence and recognition. The idea is to stay transparent and unique.

      Do You Know Advantages of Social Media Marketing?

      The human has always found a way to socialize, after all that is one of its basic needs. The internet saw its optimum usage after the advent of social media, which took over the world in almost a humongous leap. In the shortest span of time, social media governs all our daily activities. From eating food, to sleeping to travel, nothing remains personal anymore. What gave rise to such an era has not left work untouched. Work you do needs to be advertised and put out in the world for others to know and appreciate. If you haven’t started social media marketing yet, you might be left behind in the race to the top. Advertising agencies will suggest you to invest in social media marketing. 

      Social Media Marketing:- has become an integral part of Digital Marketing Agency; it plays the most important role in connecting you to the masses, with a simple social activity. It ensures a transparency that is required for a business catering to consumers. 

      What is Social Media Marketing:-  It is a syndication of content, videos and images on various social networking sites. It is a planned method of achieving marketing, communication and branding goals. It can be used to channel your content and information to targeted audiences who might become your potential customers. 

      What is Social Media Content:- The content for Social media should comprise of information that is imparted in an interesting manner. The information should be about the company and its activities and also can include the beliefs and goals that the company seeks to achieve. All in all it has to benefit the reader in some manner, either in creating entertaining reading or in imparting knowledge to make their lives easier or better. Such social posts do better in attracting viewers and traffic to your main page. 

      Why Social Media Marketing:- 

      Website Traffic:- Social media effectively draws audiences to your website creating required traffic. 

      Conversions:- Social Media Marketing plays an important role in converting your traffic to potential buyers and pushes your services to probable sale. 

      Brand Awareness:- Your brand becomes more visible through social media. It reaches a larger number of people than you could have possibly hoped to reach through normal means of Advertising. It so happens because of the imminent transparency created between your audience and your activities, which in turn makes then trust and promote your brand, thus enlarging the circle of your brand reach. 

      Creating a Brand identity And Positive Brand Association:- Social media single handedly can create your brand image, just because of its far fetching reach. You can literally target the whole world to know your brand; all it takes is the right kind of content and visuals. Your activity on social media reflects on the brand and can help your brand to make important connections. 

      Communication and Interaction With Key Audiences:- Social media has created a seamless platform for the businesses to connect with their target audiences, it has made it possible to attend to complaints and deal with their customers and followers personally. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t just help communicate; it also increases sales and makes a bigger difference when it comes to advertising. 

      How To Use Social Media Platforms:- Not all social media platforms work the same way, each one has a specification and tone of content that generates leads. 

      Facebook:- Facebook advertisements need to be friendly and interactive. The visuals also follow the same criteria. Facebook also has an option of creating business page, which allows the user to promote their business better. The layouts are specific, and reach of the post is determined by the successful execution of those. 

      Google +:- It follows the same casual and fun atmosphere of the post. What it does better than Facebook is that it allows the user to segment their audience into smaller groups. It allows direct chats on hangout with the audiences, hence creating a comfortable business- customer relationship. 

      Twitter:- Twitter follows a stricter promotion criterion. The word count of descriptors is limited and to-the-point. This platform allows you to gain more popularity by following influencers and people which in turn gains you followers of your own. It is an immediate promotional platform which has a far wider reach than either Facebook or Google+. 

      The other social media platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are more visual based platforms that gain you followers according to your visual content character. Basing your content flow and planning the spread of your content is what can gain you good amount of traffic and better sales.

      How Advertising Affects People and Society

      Advertising has been a part of trade practices since the beginning of it. Brands such as Coca Cola, P&G, Unilever, etc have managed to sustain themselves for years. Apart from the trust in products by consumers, the marketing or rather the awareness and recall value induced through promotions (advertisement) has played a crucial part in their sustainability. 

      This shows how important advertising is for a brand. As for the customers, it gives them awareness, choice and entertainment as well to some extent. An advertisement aims to transform a particular product or service into a brand. To achieve this, advertisements are target in such a manner that could lead to influence the final decision of purchase. 

      As a mass marketing technique, advertisement focuses on divulging the beneficial information about the product to the consumer. It is argued that advertisement influences people in negative as well as positive manner. As for the positive part, it is very useful in educating and spreading awareness about welfare of customers as well as about the diseases and its prevention. The entertainment factor of an advertisement makes it easier for the people to grasp the message and remember it. It particularly influences the population to drive to an action. Be it a social awareness message or about the brand, people do start to think about it. As for the customers, they get to know about the options they have as well as the offer related to different products. Due to the awareness spread, the consumption of the product increases and so the demand for it ultimately affecting the economy. 

      Now, as for the negative side of the argument, it is said that advertisement influences the people and society by employing negative means such as reinforcing the emotional and gender quotients. Children are targeted particularly just for the sake of selling the product and earning profits. The over use of sexuality and glorifying the product and also false promises are employed in advertisement to influence the purchase decision of the customers. It is often argued that Advertisements play heavily on emotions just for the sake of selling products and avail the profits. 

      In today’s time, advertisement has moved from conventional methods to modern ones. With the growth of digital media, it has spread its wings towards reaching wider and precise target audience. Advertisement falls on both the side of morality, good as well as bad. Some reinforce the emotional and gender quotients and play with it to popularize the product. Some take up social issues and highlight them with brand connect while some simply keep the entertainment factor to make awareness about the product. From ancient to today’s time advertisement has influence the society in a positive as well as negative manner.

      PR vs Advertising For Small Brands

      For every small company, money and time are of utmost importance and the decision to invest in either a PR firm or an advertising agency is a crucial and baffling one.

      Small brands need to understand their requirement first, i.e. is it instant recognition or a slow but steady flow of information in trusted media source. Advertising agencies will get you the complete marketing solution and deliver instant brand recognition and build a brand identity that will benefit it in the long run and leave an impression the minds of your audience.

      PR agencies however, cannot be deemed ineffective; however they are a tad slow in achieving that aim. They are however lacking in leaving a lasting impression and more often than not fail to grab attention because they do not employ any artistic medium. It is mostly facts convey through trustworthy and influential personalities.

      Advertising Agencies
      might be a little heavier on your pocket but they ensure a steady and concrete growth and recognition. If you are skeptical about getting one involved you can always start with the digital advertising agencies. This will save you time and cost a lot less than regular or a full service advertising agency.

      PR agencies are factual and rely only on trusted mediums of communication. This is a more targeted approach and in time helps build a brand’s credibility. Advertising agencies employ a more diverse aspect of communication. It shall convey the message right and also manage to grab attention of masses. Therein also create far better conversion as compared to PR.

      What we suggest is to study your position and desire for your brand recognition, this will help decide your next marketing move to survive the competition jungle and come up with a good plan to grow unhindered.

      Why Advertising Agency is a Must for You?

      Have you recently started your own company in Delhi or have a newly launched product, but are scared as to how the audience will receive your services? How you should reach out to them? What if the reviews are negative, what then?

      When it comes to publicizing the product in the market, every person would have double thoughts about the strategies they are following. No one would want their methods to appear bland, boring and unsurprising. To get rid of this dubiousness, people and companies hire Advertising and Branding Agencies- to bridge the gap between the product/ service and the consumers.

      The advertising world is ruled by uncertainty. With the new variations coming in every day, no one really knows what tomorrow holds for us in terms of technology and trends. It might be a possibility that the audience is not on the same page as you are. Advertising and Marketing Agencies hold that nerve of uncertainty, keep themselves updated with the new trends and play on that to gain success. We, at Brand Bazooka, do the same thing for you.

      We are a 360-degree agency for your brand strategy. Creative Branding? Digital Marketing? Viral and experiential marketing? You name it, we have it. We are one of the leading Advertising Agencies in Delhi NCR. Our ultimate motto is the client’s satisfaction and to ensure speedy and positive results for the brands we work with.

      What Do We Do To Achieve Speedy Results?

      Modify The Consumer’s Psychology:- A product can appear unappealing to the consumer due to certain factors- colours, boring presentation, etc. We, the Marketing Agency in Delhi, flip that view around by highlighting the missed intricacies of the product. The aim is to generate new ideas that will offer the buyer a different perspective.

      Creativity Is At Its Peak 24*7:- Every Branding Agency in Delhi comes with this aforementioned tagline. Our consumers give us a little brief about what they want- a sort of a blueprint. The campaign with all the intricate details is built around that brief. Different brands require different creative ideas and approaches. We aim to dig out the USPs of the brand and highlight those during the campaign.

      Build a Positive Assumption Around Every Brand:- Do you still remember that tagline- “Dar ke agey jeet hai” from Mountain Dew’s ad? It was not just a line, it was the aura that the brand carried, worked upon by many people. Similarly, we are always on the lookout to create a positive brand identity, to which people are attracted to. From its production to its dissemination, we are always on one foot!

      A Unique Approach For Every Campaign:- The task is to come up with an idea that is unique in its approach and has the ability to stand apart. A detailed study is carried out for every brand and then its characteristics determine its identity such that the audience’s emotions are appealed to.

      So, if you are thinking about running a new campaign or launching a product, you know we are here to savor you successfully without any hitch!

      Advertising Agency: A Saviour in the Era of Uncertainty

      Modernization and constant innovation are the trends of today’s industry. These days, it’s very normal that new technology might make your products and services bland and boring. In addition to this, the changing taste of the consumers may reduce the demand for a particular product or service. So it becomes the need of the hour to create a demand for a particular product in the market and here & why you need Branding Agencies in Delhi to be your saviour. 

      In this era of uncertainty, they are your ally in market warfare! Creative Branding, Digital Marketing, UI/UX design, SEO, social media campaigns and so on, they take care of everything. 

      If you are wondering how the services of a Media Agency are beneficial for you, give us the opportunity to illuminate you! 

      There’s a difference when you present something and the way Ad Agencies present. Your presentation might be bland and boring. Caught up in other works, you might not have sufficient time to advertise properly; whereas, they will put in their 101% efforts to highlight each selling point and all the positive aspects in a creative way. With the efficient use of colours, presentation, etc. they will flip your company’s view over a period of nights using effective luring campaigns, ideas and visuals.

      You just need to give a brief and tell them what you want. From an engaging copy to the appealing visual, every aspect is thought through by a creative workforce. They carry out complete market research and dig out the unique selling points on which they can play and build.

      A different angle to perceive things and an out of the box thinking is what the agencies are bestowed with. They can make you or break you. It lies in their hands. 

      They build a positive assumption around the brand. What comes to mind when we say “Taste the Thunder”? You are instantly reminded of Thums Up. This is how powerful advertising is! It gives the brand an aura, through which people remember it or talk about it. 

      We know it’s quite difficult to pick one among leading Branding Agencies in Delhi, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. So to ease out your work, we are here to help you! One such efficient and cost-effective Ad Agency in Delhi is Brand Bazooka. They will cater to your every Advertising and Marketing needs, regardless of mainline or digital. Being a media Agency in Delhi NCR, they guide you on what to advertise, how to advertise and where to advertise. Their services will bridge the gap between you and the consumers. Their efficiency in the field is reflected by the astounding list of their clientele like JBL, Sansui, Shopclues, Radisson, etc. and it speaks for their established identity in diverse verticals such as education, healthcare, electronics, and more.

      Role of Advertising Awards - Brand Bazooka

      Most of the people in the creative and media industry view Advertising awards as something that provides the industry an additional currency. People argue that awards are just one of many tools to measure creativity. 
      On the other hand, almost all Advertising awards are criticised for being an exercise in self-importance. There is a strong view that derides the idea of creativity that takes birth only to exist in the sphere of awards. It is clear in many cases the work produced is a pure creative exercise and not the natural outcome of a professional work stream. The account management people who have convinced the clients to publish those ads should be awarded instead of the creative.

      But this view—outdated and fatigued as it is—doesn’t take into account the role these awards play in the multi-billion industry.

      Awards inspire the industry people, acknowledge their potential beyond the quantifiable business measures, and encourage them to think afresh and beyond the convention. Awards like Cannes Lions, One Show, D&AD, etc. provide great worldwide platforms for the greatest creative, Advertising and marketing professionals to come together, learn from each other, and understand and analyse the growing trends in the industry. These are also unique opportunities to network with clients, customers, and other brilliant minds from the industry in a casual environment. These are spaces for off the record conversations, and for discussing creative ideas with the key players who move the industry forward. Also you get exposed to great creativity as an added value.

      David Grey of the communications company Open says awards are the global litmus tests for creative work that industry peers deem to be of world-class standards. It’s all about perceptions.

      Awards are also charged with an environment that fosters osmosis, exposure, conversations, workshops, and lectures. They are also melting pots for creative and professional cultures.

      Advertising awards recognise and amplify those who have successfully managed to stand out from the background noise solely on the basis of their creative excellence. The work highlighted is often of the highest calibre. Imagination and out of the box thinking is rewarded for ads that may not have been conceptualised the way they are now ten years ago.

      The awards also generate a pruned list of exceptional agencies for clients who they would like to work with. Awards celebrate the combined power of strategic and creative thinking to build brands.

      Here’s Why You Need Digital Marketing Agency To Rule the Industry!

      What can be better than a bunch of creative people who work recklessly to fulfil your marketing objectives? Not only can you be free of worries, but your brand is given an altogether a new angle. See! The whole year you work to deliver top-notch services and products to your customers and it will go flat if your campaign is not trendy or up to the mark. This is where the Digital Marketing Agency comes to your rescue.

      The right agency can do wonders for your brand; actually increasing the return on marketing investment tremendously. You don’t believe us? Let us tell you why! 

      They Know What Your Brand Needs:- Having worked with diverse verticals - like entertainment, IT, real estate company, etc, they have a wider perspective on how the marketing world works. They can give an altogether new perspective to your brand, that even you cannot think of. 

      Your brand does not need a single campaign, but campaigns that will run at different times of the year. They will build the campaigns around the latest incident, festivals, new service you provide, etc. - i.e. a consumer-friendly campaign; offering your products or services as the solution for the customer’s pain points. 

      Outsourcing Saves Cost and Time:- Hiring a creative team for the promotion of your products or services will be a huge, time-taking and expensive task. Employing someone for full-time or part-time would not make sense if you would not require their services throughout the year. Owing to the requirements, many businesses would stand at a loss if they hire an in-house team. 

      Outsourcing then saves time and cost both! They will crack the suitable digital campaigns for the right digital platform. For instance, they would focus more on SEO and Branding during the start of the year and then focus their shift towards paid digital campaigns at the time of Christmas to increase conversions. 

      They Map Where You Stand in The Industry And Work Accordingly For Your Expansion

      Digital Agencies excel at mapping your competition and plan as per where you stand. If your brand needs more consumer awareness or a different approach to put forth your products - they will know everything, no one can guide you better than them. A team of specialists will plan your digital calendar marking the different steps over a course of time, which will help you achieve the desired result. From branding to paid campaigns, from SEO to website audition - they excel at everything. 

      They Meet Deadlines:- They respond to on-demand requirements, working day and night to deliver you the desired creatives. They know how much delivery is important for your brand, and understand that delay or failure is not an option, which otherwise may not be possible with an in-house team.

      For the organizations in Delhi NCR, we know finding a splendid Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Let us help you there! Brand Bazooka is a 360-degree Digital Agency in Gurgaon, offering commendable services for all your advertising requirements. Helping the brands to conquer the market for a decade, they have a diverse clientele and commendable experience. As an online marketing company in Gurgaon, they have worked for Sansui, Ashiana Homes, Telecraft, Pi-Lo, Farmers Pride, Linc and more. They are the right place for you to go - for you to be at your best!

      Making Your Hashtag Trend - Brand Bazooka

      The hashtag was a phenomenon that started in 2007 by the American technology evangelist Christopher Reeves Messina, where a few keywords could be grouped together with the ‘#’ (hash) symbol to collect ideas that fell under a specific category together, thus making it easier for netizens to find information and opinions on a particular subject instead of having to surf the ocean that is social media.

      The hashtag was adopted and popularised by Twitter. Over the years, it has gained such popularity as an online phenomenon that the Oxford dictionary officially included the word hashtag in the English language. Today, hashtags are used across social media platforms by corporations and individuals alike, and has become something akin to a lifestyle statement. When Social Media Agencies in Gurgaon and other cities noted this potential, they came up with the idea of using hashtags for promotion by creating interesting hashtags that can be featured on the social media accounts of their target audience and be used by them, thus connecting brand and consumer as well as increasing their share-of-voice.

      In 2018, a few guidelines ought to be followed by social media and Advertising Agencies to stand out from the crowd and give their hashtag that necessary milestone of trending.

      Choosing The Right Topic:-
      The best idea for a trending hashtag is a trending topic. You may take an issue from the current affairs and give it your own twist (you can either connect it to your brand or make it interactive, so as to get people talking and using your hashtag). The words you select must be easy to remember, catchy to speak, self-explanatory and, most importantly, wide enough to keep the different thoughts and opinions of your entire target audience in mind. It is important to remember to check if your hashtag has already been used, and, if not, to clearly define it in your introductory Tweet or post so as to claim ownership.

      Start Tweeting:- As soon as you have created the hashtag, provide a large number of tweets in quick succession to jumpstart the conversation. Post the tweet with teaser for your campign, with the introduction to the campaign and throughout it’s duration and even after. Be sure to involve the hashtag in every small element of communication going out from your side and to ask others constantly to retweet your hashtag multiple times. Maintain a good rapport with your current followers, making them your communication channel and tag even more people to start gaining more popularity.

      Stay Focused:- In the humdrum universe of social media, do not lose sight of your specific target audience. By selecting groups, forums and other influencers that directly connect with your target group and repetitively messaging on them, you can ensure a high recall and shareability value for your hashtag.

      Provide Updates:-
      Keeping in tune with the basic idea of a trending topic, make sure your hashtag is constantly evolving with the times. Provide new updates and relevant information that cannot be found elsewhere around your hashtag. Talk about major events and activities, targeting people in a specific country or locality. Most importantly, remember to keep content interesting and to respond promptly.

      A Personal Approach:-
      Lastly, the popularity of hashtags can be credited to the fact that there is a personal touch to it. Even if the tweets are by a brand, social media carries the characteristic of connecting people one-on-one. Avoid letting your hashtags, posts and responses having a robotic language and content. Post light-hearted, casual content and bring true emotions into your tweets to make it seem more life-like.

      5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Advertising Agency

      Having a great communication can become a catalyst for a business. Advertising Agency can become a catalyst for your business and ultimately lead your business’s growth. Lot of big organizations prefer to hire an ad agency to combine their creative and research skills in order to create an impactful campaign. 
      Ad Agencies help in creating a brand’s identity by instilling all the qualities or features of a brand/product/service. They help a brand to keep up with the on-going trends and move in sync with them. An ad agency understands a brand and then plans how a certain campaign will be executed, what medium will be used for the brand etc. 

      Here are 5 Reasons Why a Business Should Hire An Advertising Agency:-

      Builds a Brand:- Developing a brand takes a very careful and intelligent communication strategy. Right from building a brand, creating a brand awareness and making a lasting impression on the minds of the audience is very important. The main motive of creating a very smart communication strategy is to convert their potential costumers into consumers.

      Keeping Up With The Industry Trends:- Advertising Agencies are always up to date with the trends of the industry and helps in keeping a business updated with the latest technologies that are going around in the global market.

      Undertaking Different Approach:- This involves in an advertising agency creating a completely unique identity of your business. With so much clutter, it’s important to distinguish yourselves among the rest. A deep insight of the global scenario by an advertising agency helps the business to be promoted in unique ways.

      Rebranding:- With the help of an Advertising Agency , you can give your business a visual facelift. This can happen by giving a fresh outlook to your logo, business cards etc every nuance related to your brand. Implementing & translating your brand’s philosophy into your brand’s image is utmost important when audience is considered.

      It’s always a good option to hire an ad agency to create an elaborate marketing plan with their expertise and research on the on-going trends or simply building a brand image.

      It is imperative to know what message a brand gives out to it’s audiences and whether or not it is impactful.

      When selecting the right communication and marketing strategy for your business/ brand, always remember to choose the one that would not only be cost effective but also gives you the maximum ROI.